Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alabaster Sky

Mysteries of the desert, warm sultrey breezes are intangled in my finished          
(or am I) painting. Always the eyes that inchant me.


  1. There's definitely a desert bloom about her. Love the pattern under her eye. Nice to find you - I can via the Art Blog Hop.

  2. Stunning work, love the warm colors and her softly blushed cheeks~

    // - T.W -

  3. I like this, it has such a nice feeling to it. The big-eyed girl in art sometimes seems to be overly represented, but yours seems a little older and wiser than most. The hair and the texture are quite nice. :)

  4. Hello Debbie, I love your art. I have just suscribe en Norah's Art (Hop Blog)