Thursday, July 21, 2011

Studio Peek & Latest Painting

A work in process...I am trying different eyes, and used a pallet knife for the backgroung. Ohhhhh, like cake batter...yummy!

My painting corner. (And I really do mean corner!) The painting in the background is of my mother painted in the 60's by artist Wade Zint.

My wall of ideas. Actually I have notebooks and sketchbooks full, so the idea wall has only just begun.

Here is another side of my studio. The room is extra small, so I had to be really creative to make it efficiant and comfortable. I really like this room, it's my girl cave!!!!!


  1. Debbie, love the WIPand your cozy girl cave

  2. Woww! I just love peeking into an artist's workspace :) U sure have a cozy one. I love your characters... sooo beautiful, Debbie.

  3. i love your painting, it is beautiful!

  4. Hello Debbie, I just saw you featured on Kelli's art Journaling and thought I would 'hop' over to check you out. Very glad I did, you have a very unique style. I think I will have to become a follower to keep tabs on you:)

  5. Warm and inviting...the perfect corner to create your beautiful art!

  6. this looks so cozy and creative
    totally in love with your art so i am following you
    maybe you find time to check my blog
    have a wonderful weekend